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Funny Kipliis Crib Keeper to Store Baby Pacifiers and Rattles

Wed, Mar 2, 2011 | 0-2, Gear | By margarita

Everyone who has a baby knows how difficult it is to find so needed pacifiers and rattles when you baby is crying. The Crib Keeper from Kipiis could help you to forget this problem forever. It allows to keep all these baby items close at hand and ready to use in any moment. This Crib Keeper is designed by James Owen and looks like as a funny smiling face. Such positive design will definitely charm your baby and provoke them to smile in return. This original baby pacifier bag is made of durable urethane foam and can be placed on any crib. It is a quite spacious, so you can store up to 10 pacifiers in it.

Reference: James Owen

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