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Funny DIY Lego Family Portrait

Fri, Mar 7, 2014 | DIY Projects | By Natasha Alt

It’s a very unusual family portrait and your kids will be so happy to make it with their hands! You will need Lego minifigures, frame, heavy cardboard, command strips, scissors, glue stick and hot glue gun. To make the mini figurine family, choose the right hair, heads, bodies and legs from your Lego stash. Using the frame as a jumping-off point, first create a shadow box. Cut 1/2″ “spacers” from heavy cardboard and wrapped them in plain white paper (using a glue stick). Hot glue the spacers to the inside edges of the frame, directly behind the glass. To get the Lego people to sit flush in the frame, use stacked command strips on the back of each figure and attach them to a sheet of paper. Once everything is in place, insert in the frame, and attach the back of the frame with more hot glue.

Reference: apartmenttherapy

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