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Funny And Adorable DIY Honeycomb Characters

Wed, Jun 11, 2014 | DIY Projects | By Irina

Aren’t these honeycomb balls cute? They’re very popular in Sweden, and today we suggest you to make some with your kids. You need some pictures of characters that you like (from children’s books, for example), honeycomb paper, scissors, glue and double-sided tape. Begin with cutting out the characters you’ve chosen and making them more stable, gluing them on to pieces of cardboard, if needed. Once dry, cut them out of the cardboard. Then make a template out of a piece of paper, so that you can see that the template covers the area you want to dress. Fold the template and cut out the shape in the honeycomb paper. Attach the honeycomb shape to your characters with double-sided tape. Voila!

Reference: pysselbolaget

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