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Fun DIY ABC Stencil Cake

Tue, Dec 17, 2013 | DIY Projects | By Natasha Alt

This cake is so adorable that you need make it for your next party for your kids! You will need one fondant covered cake, gel food coloring in red, blue, and yellow, a paint palette or cups for mixing paint, a teensy bit of vodka, clean, small craft paintbrushes, cotton swabs and a small bowl of water and stencils. Bake or buy cake. Frost your cake, and then cover with fondant. Add a half teaspoon of each gel coloring into their own cups. Now add a ¼ cap of vodka to each cup and mix it with a paintbrush, creating a more paint-like fluid. Carefully cut out the letters you want to use for your cake. Punch out the letter’s interior paper to yield the stencil. Read the rest of the tutorial here and finish the cake!

Reference: handmadecharlotte

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