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Festive DIYY Egg Carton Kid’s Party Invitations

Tue, Jan 13, 2015 | DIY Projects | By Irina

Instead of buying or ordering a typical pack of invitations for your little one’s party, make your own! These egg carton invites are budget savvy, much funnier and personalized. Plus you can get your kids involved in the DIY process. You’ll need paper pulp cartons, acrylic paints, carton fillings (water balloons, party poppers, candy, confetti, etc.), balloons and glue stick. First you need to cover your empty cartons in two coats of acrylic paints of your choice. Then you need to head over to inspiredbythis.com for the colorful invitations to print and glue on the cartons. There also you can read the next following steps of the tutorial. Enjoy!

Reference: inspiredbythis

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