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Ergonomic Adjustable Kids Computer Desk – Yoto from Hülsta

Thu, Mar 11, 2010 | 12-15, 16-21, 8-11, Desks | By margarita

The choice of a right study desk for your child is a hard problem, which demands a lot of attention. Good kids desk must provide a comfortable studying and first of all correspond to kids height. The adjustable kids desk could become an ideal solution for children and could fit for them for a long time. The Yoto by Hülsta could be a perfect model for any kids room, thanks to its perfect adjusting construction with three positions. It is a functional and ergonomic kids desk, which could help you to create a comfortable and practical study place. Sliding door compartments, several doors, drawers and unusual suspended units could easily solve the storage problem and demonstrate the great functionality of this kids desk. Yoto has an original but at the same time simple design, so it could be adaptable to any kids room. You could find more information on Hülsta site.

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