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Eco-friendly DIY Branch Swing Shelves

Mon, Jul 29, 2013 | DIY Projects, Kids room | By Irina

Apparently, garden provides much inspiration for indoor décor, so why not bring into your kid’s room décor the outdoors ? These branches are not only eco-friendly but also they perfectly work as a cute décor piece and a convenient shelf. To make a few you need 1 ½” – 2” diameter branches, a hand saw, an electric drill with various sizes bits, solid 5/8” braided rope, masking tape and screws. First choose only straight and dry branches and cut the ends with a saw. With a small drill bit drill a pilot hole through both ends of the branch about 2” from the end, then drill larger holes where you made your pilot holes for your rope to feed through. Wrap masking tape around the end of the rope, feed it through the branch and make a knot. To hang, insert screws through the top knots and secure them into the wall with the drill. Stuff with toys and enjoy!

Reference: gardentherapy

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