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Easy DIY Halloween Bat Boxes With Treats

Fri, Oct 12, 2012 | All ages, DIY Projects | By julia

Each year before Halloween some parents make a fun craft with their kids that they can hand out to friends in their classroom at school. We suggest you to take part in creative process and to make a box in the shape of bats for the treats. Aren’t they adorable?  Not scary Halloween at all, and perfect for small kids. You will need: black pillow boxes, a sturdy black card, a pencil or marker (for writing on the black card), googly eyes, craft glue, scissors and kid’s favorite Hershey’s candy or M&M’s. First assemble your pillow boxes. Fold the black card.  Place the pillow box on the black card at the crease.  Draw a bat wing on the card. Cut the bat wing out.  You can use this as your template for all other bat wings required.  Trace each one and cut them out. Apply craft glue down the center crease of each bat wing and attach it to the back of each pillow box. Glue googly eyes onto each bat.  Set aside to dry. Once dry, fill with kid’s favorite candies. You can make these gifts for every friend. They will be very happy.

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