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Easy And Lovely DIY Dos-A-Dos Notebooks

Wed, Jul 24, 2013 | DIY Projects | By Irina

Kids usually love different notebooks, diaries, etc. for drawings, writing thoughts and whatever else. Of course, there is a plenty of them all over the Internet shops but why not making a hand sewn book together with your kid? The supplies are a cover strip, 16 pages, a ruler, a pencil, 2 length of thread (2.5x the width of the cover), T-pin or awl, sewing needle and 2 clothespins. Start with folding each piece of “pages” paper in half, then stacking them fold on fold, forming two eight page stacks. Fold the cover strips in thirds, so 2 folds will make the paper look like “Z”. Tap one stack of folded pages and hold it with clothespins. Then just mark three sewing stations and start sewing a book. Visit designmom.com for proper instructions and enjoy crafting!

Reference: designmom

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