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DIY Water Blob For Kids Summer Outdoor Fun

Wed, Jul 10, 2013 | DIY Projects | By julia

The first time I spotted a water blob I thought it is so great for a summer outdoor fun. The water blob, also known as a redneck waterbed, is a plastic bubble filled with water that kids can run and play all over. To make such a water blob you’ll need plastic sheeting, duck tape and water hose. First, find the flattest piece of ground in your yard for even distributing of water and fold plastic sheeting in half. Then insert your water hose and use the duct tape to seal the edges closed. Duct tape around the hose to create a seal. Check all of your seams and if everything is good, then begin filling it up with water! It would be better if you don’t leave your children unattended while they frolic on the water blob.

Reference: pintriedit

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