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DIY Very Funny Sock Monkey

Tue, Jan 21, 2014 | DIY Projects, Toys | By Natasha Alt

Sock monkeys will be very funny presents for your kids. We are sure that your kids will love them! You will need two long thick socks, needle and thread, scissors, two black buttons, polyester plush. Take both socks and sew arms, body, legs and ears. The first sock will be the body. Once you’ve cut and sewn the legs, leave a small hole where you can fill it with plush. Once you’ve stuffed the body and legs, hand stitch the hole. Next, take the other sock and cut and sew the arms, tail, and ears. Once you’ve cut and sewn all the pieces, fill each piece with plush! Sew the arms, tail and ears to the body. Last, sew on the mouth by taking the heel of the second sock and hand stitching it onto the face. Once it’s sewn half way, fill it with plush and sew the remaining side closed.

Reference: abeautifulmess

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