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DIY Pumpkin Whirligig To Decorate Home On Halloween For Kids

Wed, Oct 10, 2012 | DIY Projects, For ages | By julia

Halloween is coming and so each idea associated with this day comes in handy. We suggest that you should make a hanging pumpkin whirligig to decorate your kid’s room or the whole home. First, make yourself a template and cut out 5 pumpkins from some sturdy paper you have at hand. Using a template will help make sure all your pumpkins are of the same size. It’s also important that your pumpkins are symmetrical. If you fold your paper in half, trace half your pumpkin template on the fold and then cut out, when you unfold it, you should have symmetrical little pumpkins. Once you have your 5 pumpkins cut out,  put all the parts together. Start by gluing half of one pumpkin to half of the next pumpkin. Before attaching your final pumpkin, place a length of string in the center. When you’re finished, hang your whirligig. Now glue that last pumpkin to the first one. Make sure all the surfaces are attached really well and that the string is glued securely in the center and you’re done. Hang your cute pumpkin whirligigs up somewhere where you can enjoy watching them!

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