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DIY Play Doctor’s Kit For Your Kid

Sat, Sep 15, 2012 | 2-4, 5-7, DIY Projects, Parents, Toys | By julia

How many kids dream of becoming doctors! It’s not surprising because the kids regularly visit doctors, observe their work since the earliest days of kids’ life and then repeat their actions in the games. In such cases you can give your toddler a play doctor’s kit. You can buy it in a toy shop or collect yourself from scrap materials. Find a small suitcase and stick a red cross to it. It will be a doctor’s bag. Then put into it a bandage, cotton, syringe, a tweezer, a tongue depressor, empty packing of pills and stethoscope (you have to try very well to find it; ask for your friends and acquiantances, maybe they have an unnecessaryold stethoscope). And the play doctor’s kit for your toddler will be completed.

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