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DIY Kids’ Dressing Table From Cardboard

Thu, Jul 19, 2012 | 5-7, DIY Projects | By julia

All it will take is book sized packing box which you will need to cut the front from, and two flat pieces of thick packing cardboard – one for the dressing table top and one for the back. Curve the edges of two corners to give the dressing table a touch of softness and wrap it all up in some bright pink tape or other colors. Attach the top and back with a hot glue gun. Hem a piece of white fabric to make the dressing table skirt which being created to hide a hole for storage. Attach the mirror with double sided tape (If you have a chance buy a shatterproof mirror). Currently you need to collect rollers, hair ties, headbands, a brush and comb and some little bottles for pretend potions being used for girls’ make-up. And now it is time to play with your kid.

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