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DIY Hilarious Jumping Jack Bugs

Mon, Feb 11, 2013 | DIY Projects | By Irina

To make these funny jumping jack bugs and bring them to life you won’t need pretty much anything but your imagination. You’ll need a printable template, cereal box, tissue paper roll, yarn needle, strong thread or string, markers, scissors and glue. Start with drawing two long “L”s on the paper roll, cut it with scissors and fold it inside. After that choose a bug and use the template to trace the wings, feelers, bug-pull shapes onto the cereal box and cut them out. As soon as you’re done with the previous steps and painting cute faces, pierce the paper roll and the wings on the dots marked an “A”. Connect wings by tying a thread between the holes marked “B” above the joints. Finally, tie the bug-pull shapes at the end of the thread, make a loop at the top of the paper roll and glue feelers on the top of its head. Enjoy!

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