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DIY Freaky Felt Monsters

Fri, Mar 22, 2013 | DIY Projects, Toys | By Irina

These freaky and funny monsters are actually an awesome toy’s craft idea that you can make with your kid. The supplies are felt, embroidery, sewing needle, buttons, fiberfill, straight pins, paper, pen. First let your kid draw your monster design out on a sheet of paper. It doesn’t have to be exactly like on the photo below, you may create your own. Then cut your felt piece in half and layer one on top of the other and then pin your main monster pattern to it. Cut circles out of felt or use buttons to sew eyes on the top layer of felt. Then sew a straight line across the top layer to create a mouth. Finally, sew two pieces of felt together with the embroidery floss. When you’re almost done, stuff your monster with fiberfill and sew the rest.

Reference: justshortofcrazy

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