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DIY Felt Crown To Feel A King Or A Queen

Thu, Dec 19, 2013 | DIY Projects | By Natasha Alt

Would your kid like to wear a crown? It’s a very colorful and easy-to-make crown and you should try to make it! You will need felt (2 sheets), double sided adhesive sheets, scissors, crown template, embroidery thread and needle. Take two sheets of felt. Cut these sheets and the adhesive sheets — each sheet makes two. Lay out two strips of felt, peel back the adhesive on one side and press onto the felt, lining up edges. Peel back a second strip of adhesive and line up the two pieces of felt. With the smaller strips of adhesive paper that were left over from cutting the larger strips, apply those to the remaining felt, trimming to size. Peel off the backing to the adhesive. Apply your first strip of felt to the center. Look for the rest of tutorial here and finish the crown.

Reference: hellobee

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