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DIY Fashionable Swimsuit Cover-Up For Your Daughter

Tue, Jul 16, 2013 | DIY Projects | By julia

Summer in full swing, and at this time of the year kiddies love to swim, splash and just spend time near the water. But in addition to a swimsuit for the girls a swimsuit cover-up can be useful. Bright and fashionable! Take any white T-shirt (one size larger than need), pinch your shirt wherever you want the center of your swirl to be and swirl your shirt around your pinch until it’s compact. Then divide your shirt into 6 sections with 3 rubber bands. Squirt your dye in each section and squirt your dye in each section. Place shirt in a plastic bag for 8-14 hours, then rinse and wash the shirt. After dying you can use our swimsuit cover-up style or can express your imagination. This is a cool idea for summertime!

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