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DIY Adorable Wooden Hummingbird Toy

Thu, Aug 22, 2013 | DIY Projects, Toys | By Irina

If your young naturalist wants to see a hummingbird but they haven’t graced you with their presence this summer, simply make some instead! The supplies are thin sheet of balsa wood, exacto knife, eye screw, wire, dowel, cardstock, glue, acrylic paints and hummingbird template. The tutorial is incredibly easy: cut two hummingbird shapes out of balsa wood, glue together for stability and paint your birds as you wish. While you’re waiting for your bird to dry, drill a hole into one end of your dowel and insert an eye screw. Then feed a piece of wire through the eye and twist around on itself.  As the bird is dry, with exacto knife cut a small slit in the balsa wood for the wings to feed through. Finish with pocking the wire between the two balsa pieces near wings. Your bird is ready for outside fun!

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