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Cute DIY Sturdy Household Containers To Make With Kids

Fri, Nov 29, 2013 | DIY Projects | By Irina

I guess there just can’t be too many storage containers at home, right? There’re great for organizing stuff. These cuties you can easily make with your kids this weekend. Prepare plastic or paper bags, straight edge (optional), scissors, duct tape, paper packing tape and washi tape. Begin with cutting the bag down to the simple rectangle and laying it flat on the table. Using your washi tape you can now decorate it the way you like. Once you’ve finished, bring the ends together and close the seam with a tape. Flatten the cylinder and close the seam at the base with tape. As the bottom is closed, open the cylinder into a tube and slightly press down on the middle of the closed end. Adjust the triangular shapes so they’re all similar and situated on the same height. Then fold them over and secure with tape. If it stands on its own, you did everything right.

Reference: designmom

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