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Cute DIY Shells Treasure Garland To Share Holiday Memories

Fri, Dec 6, 2013 | DIY Projects | By Irina

Psychologists say that it’s useful sometimes to revise your summer vacation photos just to cheer up a little bit and banish the blues. But I want to go further and inspire you to make this treasure garland from the shells, sticks and stones that you and your kid gathered at the seashore. Prepare collected treasures, a sharp knife/hand drill and a piece of string. Begin with selecting the treasures you’re going to use. Carefully and slowly make the holes with the knife or drill and thread the string through them, then tie a knot. Tie big shells and stones by wrapping the string around and securing with 1-2 knots. Keep doing this with the rest treasures until you use the entire string’s length and make a loop at the top of your garland. Find a cute place to hang the garland and share your favorite memories!

Reference: bkids

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