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Cute DIY Bib For Your Baby

Fri, Sep 28, 2012 | DIY Projects, Parents | By julia

If you have a baby, you will be interested in this DIY idea. As you know when you feed babies, their clothes turn out in spots that not always can be washed off. To avoid this, you can make bib of the remnants of unnecessary fabric. You will print patterns, glue them and cut out two parts: the first – from flannel, the second – from oilcloth.  Sew them together. Cut strips of fabric on the bias, and then iron the sides in 1/4. At first you have to enframe the arms holes, then shoulders, neck hole and bottom, close to the edge but making sure to catch the underside in your stitch. Don’t forget to leave two ends to tie your bib, when you will enframe neck hole. The bib is completed, you can try it with your little treasure.

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