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Crib, Dresser and Changing Station All-in-One – Nina’s House by Dave Keune

Fri, Aug 20, 2010 | 0-2, Beds, Changing trays | By Mike

Nina’s house is a house within a house, a room within a room. It’s designed to remove the need to renovate the space for a newborn. The small house accommodates all the necessities for a baby: a crib/playpen, storage and a place to change diapers. Besides it’s very thoughtful. The chest of drawers below can be opened and closed with a slight push of the knee so that both hands can still be available while changing the baby’s diapers or clothes. Playful cut-out windows ensure that parents can still keep an eye on the little one while he or she is playing in the playpen or sleeping. The entire roof can also be opened up by rolling back the roof tiles which are connected flexibly with bright yellow ropes. The house can be adapted as the baby grows older. Underneath, the house rests on two wheels allowing the house to be moved around easily. Otherwise it can be disassembled back into a flatpack for easy transport or storage.

References: Dave Keune, inhabitots

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