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Cozy DIY Hula Hoop Hideout For Kid’s Outdoor Play And Naps

Tue, Jul 15, 2014 | DIY Projects, Outdoor | By Irina

Summer is the best time to go camping and all in all spend more time outside on picnics and in cozy hideouts, enjoying snacks and play. I bet your kids want their own hideout, so today we share with you a cool way to do that. The supplies are a hula hoop, safety pins, twine or rope, tulle and/or ribbon, sheets, scissors, cushions and blankets. Begin with pinning the top edge of the sheet to the hula hoop. Then with twine create a hanger to tie your hideout to the tree. Tie on tulle and ribbons or any other embellishments you have. Finally, hang the hideout from a tree branch, add some blankets and cushions underneath your fort and enjoy!

Reference: alannageorge

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