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Cozy And Playful Kids’ Room Design That Accomodates Everything Needed

Fri, Oct 11, 2013 | 5-7, 8-11, Bedding, Kids room | By Julia.Dimova

Children’s rooms never seem to have enough space for all their belongings, as one room needs to accomodate everything for working, playing, or simply relaxing. As you plan out your child’s room, you’ll need a space that serves all the necessary functions — a space for playing, reading, crafting or playing Legos and a cozy space for sleeping, and don’t forget that children’s preferences change often. You can use neutral style with a touch of vintage and handmade. For example, a handmade picture, as you see on the photo, creates a unique room for a unique boy. To save space we recommend using floating bookshelves and a matching floating box. You also see a handmade tent on the bed. This tent can be a favorite thing for your child! The color on the wall is neutral light grey. That and the wooden furniture give the room a clear touch and give a playful vibe to it.

Reference: apartmenttherapy

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