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Cool Toy for Girls who Like Robots – Dorosseru by Bandai

Fri, Feb 26, 2010 | 5-7, 8-11, Robots | By margarita

Usually robots have men’s personality and are created for boys, but there are a lot of girls, who don’t like usual dolls and want to play with cool robots instead. Dorosseru from the Japanese company Bandai could become a perfect toy for such girls. This toy is a robot and a doll at the same time. It combines the doll elegance and robot features. Dorosseru is a character from Japan’s first Disney produced CG animation ‘Fireball’. It comes with Blue-Led lights, which make it even more resembling to the movie character. As any cool robot it has movable legs and arms. This nice robot-doll is around 180mm tall and weighs close to 270 grams. You could find more information about this cool toy for girls, which dream not about babies, but robots, on Bandai site. [via]

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