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Cool Princess And Astronaut Dress Up Kids Bedding By Snurk

Mon, Mar 4, 2013 | Bedding, Kids room | By Irina

It’s pretty safe to say that most parents are in search of ways to get kids into their beds a bit earlier and a little easier each evening. Swedish brand, Snurk, just might give you the chance to do that. Their duvet and pillow case combos will turn ordinary boys and girls into fairy princesses and astronauts night after night. As they slide under the covers to get comfy, they can imagine themselves in far away places handling important business: beyond the stars or with prince charming on a white horse. Dream land, here they come!

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11 Comments For This Post

  1. P. Lambert Says:

    Is the fairy princess duvet set available to order and if so, how much please?

  2. Gail Pettitt Says:

    Hi I would like to purchase 1 of each of the above quilt covers,The Princess and the Astronaut,could you please tell me how much they are and how I go about this please.

    Many Thanks

    Gail Pettitt xx

  3. Rachel Scott Says:

    How do I order these bed covers please??


  4. Cheryl duffy Says:

    Hi I saw this advertised on Facebook. Please could you tell me how much this bedding costs and are u based in the uk? If not would you ship to uk?
    Many thanks

  5. Vicki Whitaker Says:

    How much is the princess bedding & how do I order it?

    Do you ship to the UK? & if so how much?

    Thank you

    Vicki xx

  6. Irina Says:

    Hi everyone! We are not selling anything. To order these beddings please visit Snurk official website https://www.snurkbeddengoed.nl/

  7. william Says:

    UK site £60 for the princess cover http://www.coxandcox.co.uk/princess-print-duvet-set

  8. Meg Says:

    Is there anywhere you can get them from an English site?

  9. Katie Says:

    Is there anywhere in the United States where you can order the princess duvet cover and pillow case???

  10. rosie Says:

    Hi, I would very much like to order the princess sheets to the uk, how much? Thanks xx

  11. matilda Says:

    And, yet again,a princess for the girls and an astronaut for the boys. C’mon people! I know a girl can take the astronaut ones too, but look who is in the pictures.

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