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Cool Kids Lamps with Charming Designs – Zzzoolight from Officina Crea

Sat, Mar 13, 2010 | All ages, Lamps | By margarita

Cool lamps could become perfect decorations for any kids room. Children usually like lamps so any original and even funny shape would be nice. Various kids lamps, which remind different animals, are very popular and always could find their place in any kids bedroom. Awesome collection of such kids lamps is offered by Officina Crea. This collection of a table, suspension and floor lamps is named Zzzolight. The funny animals such as cat, cow, giraffe and elephant could not only light a kids room but also could help you to personalize your kids bedroom and make it even more cool. The company has enlarged its lamp range by two awesome additions: a charming table lamp, Riccio, and a Mini Zzzoolight. The Riccio is a very nice hedgehog, which definitely will be liked by any child. The Mini Zzzoolight present itself as a collection of small copies of traditional Zzzoolight. Although mini lamps have one great feature: they are Led lamps, so could be in different colors. You could find more information about all these cool kids lamps on Officina Crea site.

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