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Cool DIY Snowman Christmas Ornament To Make With Your Kid

Fri, Nov 23, 2012 | DIY Projects | By Kate

Christmas is near, we can already feel its festive spirit everywhere. Let’s make a cool Christmas ornament together with your kid. The supplies are bottle caps, white, black, orange, and red acrylic paint, paint brushes, a ribbon, hot glue gun and glue sticks, buttons, scissors. Paint the inside of each bottle cap white letting dry every coat. Glue three bottle caps to a piece of ribbon and with each other. Form a loop with the top of the ribbon and glue in place.  Use the end of a paintbrush or a toothpick to paint eyes, a nose, mouth and buttons on your snowmen – this part may be done by your kid, he or she will be excited to do that. If you like, you may add some sparkle Mod Podge at this stage.  Now tie a ribbon or yarn between the first and second bottle caps to make a scarf and accent with a button.

Reference: oneartsymama

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