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Cool DIY Mobile To Help Your Kid To Dream

Tue, Jul 17, 2012 | DIY Projects | By julia

Do you remember your childhood? What did you like doing most? Definitely, dreaming… The children are full of energy and desire to live because they have so many plans and dreams, they are so dreamy! They can dream of the future, pets, new gifts, their birthdays and so on. Where do they usually dream? In their beds. So you can create the atmosphere of dreams in children’ room using this tutorial. If you have  free time, don’t refuse to dream together with your kid. Give him or her a chance to share with you his (her) thoughts and wants. The materials to make this mobile are a piece of cloth 50*50 cm, scissors, thread, sewing needle, sintepon or cottonwool and 3 pompons. First, cut out 3 kinds of circles with different radius. Fold the edge of each circle about 0.5 cm, then iron it. Sew along the fold and gently pull both the ends of thread and put inside some sintepon or cottonwood and sew up the hole. Make 9 such balls and sew them together. In the middle sew 3 pompons and hang above the kids’ bed. Voila, it’s ready!

Reference: petitpoulou.com

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