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Cool DIY Backyard Children Bungalow

Tue, Aug 21, 2012 | Play houses | By julia

Children don’t like sitting on one place and, frankly speaking, they never do it. They are always moving and probably each of them dreams of having a hideout. Even if it’s not secret but helps them to hide from the adults. And if you have two or more children, this idea is very actual and popular. Look, what amazing bungalow you can make for your kids in the backyard! The bungalow is made of wood and painted with bright colors. You can use billowy outdoor curtains instead of the fourth wall. It will add some mystery and allow fresh air in. Use old unnecessary kids’ furniture to create the interior. As the lights you may use a garland. After you complete the kids’ bungalow, it will become the heart of the backyard.

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