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Contemporary Black And White Shared Boys Room Design

Tue, Mar 26, 2013 | For ages, Kids room | By julia

This room was designed for two boys aged 10 and 16. As the room is too small, the decision was made to use a bunk bed. Each boy has his own sleeping space – the younger brother is on the bottom bed and has plastered all his basketball heroes on the inside wall of the structure, and the older brother is on top and has his own hidden shelf to keep his objects and books. The top shelf of the unit is a great way to store and display all their rugby, football and soccer balls. Most of all in this boy’s room I liked the bed unit has a table attached to the front, which the boys use to do their homework before bedtime. Also there is a wardrobe hidden behind a curtain in the room. The main challenge was to get the most out of the space, and I think it was solved successfully. The black and white shared room for two boys looks very organized and stylish!

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