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Colorful Wall Stickers To Draw A Map On A Kids’ Room Wall

Thu, Jul 12, 2012 | 8-11, Wallpapers | By julia

Everybody knows that the most curious and breachy creatures are children. And it isn’t a secret! They try to get some information from everywhere: from people surrounding them, from the things which they touch and from things they have in their room. So this project was born. Look at the photos! ┬áBoring white walls, usual floors, non-attractive furniture together with lots of color and print wallpapers look perfectly. Due to the one simple idea the room was filled with gladness and liveliness. The whole world was located in one room. Your child may learn countries, regions, continents, show the place where he lives if you decorate his or her room in this way.

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  1. Katie Says:

    PLEASE let me know where I can get these map stickers! I’ve been trying to find them everywhere! Where can I purchase them?

  2. cheryl Says:

    I love this design! Please tell me how to do this or where to buy it! I really want this in my nursery.

    Thank you!

  3. jana Says:

    Please post where these can be purchased! Really want to find them for my kids room. Thank you!

  4. Ani Says:

    You can buy it from here: http://www.fabricsandpapers.com/item/view/7084-Whole-Wide-World-Wallpaper/category/wall-art?image=8491

    and here is another version:


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