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Charming DIY Clay Ornaments For Christmas Decor

Wed, Dec 3, 2014 | DIY Projects | By Irina

It’s less than a month left before our favorite holiday of the year – Christmas. Let’s plunge into the Christmas mood slowly and start making some ornaments and other decorations now, instead of rushing right before the holidays. All of the crafts that we share are doable with kids, and today’s charmingly beautiful clay ornaments are no exception. First gather the supplies, which are sculpey oven bake clay, rolling pin, bakers twine, paint of your color choice, cookies cutters, paint pen and paint brushes. Then roll out your clay into a thin, even sheet about 5/8” thick. Call the kids and using your cookie cutters, cut out shapes in different sizes. Read the rest of the tutorial, including the best part with painting, at abeautifulmess.com. Enjoy the time together and have fun!

Reference: abeautifulmess

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