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Bright And Fun DIY Painted Tees For Babies

Mon, Apr 21, 2014 | Clothing, DIY Projects | By Irina

I love handmade painted shirts, and I think they can be a perfect gift for a baby shower, for example. So, if you’re feeling creative, join me on this DIY painted tees for babies tutorial! The main things that you’ll need for this are a few packs of baby tees or onesies from Target, for example, and some of your favorite colors of fabric paint. Basically, you just need to let your fantasy go wild in creating some cool patterns and designs from polka dot, using just q-tips dipped in paint, to just random splashes of paint. As soon as you’re done with your design, just follow the instructions on the bottles of fabric paint. Enjoy!

Reference: 100layercakelet

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