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Beautiful DIY Egg Carton Jingle Bells For A Christmas Tree

Thu, Nov 20, 2014 | DIY Projects | By Natasha Alt

Have you ever made ornaments for a Christmas tree? So now is the time! For this project you will need an egg carton, scissors, gold spray paint, satay stick, glitter glue, sequins, pipe cleaners and bells. First cut out your egg cartons so you will have the little ‘cup’ shape. Spray paint on these ‘cups’. Let them dry. Now poke holes in the top of each with a satay stick. Then take the tubes of glitter glue and decorate them. You can add sequins and other things if you wanna. Then thread bells onto pieces of pipe cleaners. Now pop the pipe cleaner through the hole up the top and make a loop for hanging and holding. It’s time for hanging your jingle bells on the Christmas tree!

Reference: alittledelightful

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