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Awesome DIY Wood Music Instruments

Tue, Jul 8, 2014 | DIY Projects | By Natasha Alt

This project isn’t so easy, but your kids will like these music instruments, so you should make them! You will need scrap wood or wood kit, 1/4″ wide x 1/8″ thick, flat wooden dowel, 1/2″ diameter wooden dowel, 3/8″ diameter wooden dowel, mini embroidery hoops, rubber bands, large jingle bells, pipe cleaners, acrylic paints, foam brushes, paintbrushes, wood glue, minwax polycrylic finish, double-sided tape, pencil, hacksaw, power drill with 1/16″ drillbit, rough grit (80) sandpaper/block, fine/medium sandpaper/block and cloth. For making percussion block, saw your wooden block down. Saw flat wooden dowel down into tiny slats that are the same width as your wooden block. Using the rough grit sandpaper, sand any rough areas on the block down then finish with the fine sandpaper. The rest of the tutorial is here.

Reference: hellobee

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