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Awesome DIY Skateboard Deck Swing

Mon, Aug 19, 2013 | Outdoor | By Irina

If you have an old and useless skateboard lying around somewhere in the house, you’ll probably love this idea! To make this deck swing you need braided rope strong enough to hold at least 135 pounds per rope, 2 steel rings, 2 carabiners, scissors, matches/lighter, skateboard deck. First, tie a bowling knot keeping a loop on the end and throw it over the branch. Take the loose end and feed it through the loop, tighten the rope so it creates a noose around the branch and cut the rope to the desired length. Do the same with the second rope, then drill the holes into your deck (3/8” a bit) and skip your pieces of rope through the deck. Make 3 more half hitch knots with two pieces of rope on the either side. Finally, tie another bowline to your carabiners from the either side of the deck swing and attach to the rings. Have fun and be safe!

Reference: fortheloveof

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