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Awesome DIY Bird Feeder Play Set

Thu, Jan 8, 2015 | DIY Projects | By Natasha Alt

Make this colorful bird feeder with cute felt birds and your kids will be excited! And maybe they’ll want to create a bird feeder for real birds. You will need printable templates, toilet paper rolls, plastic straws, cereal box or any cardboard, plastic bottle caps, felt, small clothespins, wrapping paper, mini pompoms, glue, pencil, marker and scissors. Take two toilet paper rolls, cut the top edge on one paper roll to fit inside the other one and glue together. Wrap it with a gift paper. Now let’s make a base for feeder! Cut out a 4¼ inches circle of cardboard glued to felt. Place the wrapped paper roll centered onto the cardboard circle and glue them together. Pierce paper rolls using scissors and put a plastic straw through. Take some felt and cut it into the size of your bottle caps. Next steps of the instruction are here.

Reference: handmadecharlotte

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