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Amazing Purple Bedroom Design For A Tween

Tue, May 21, 2013 | 12-15, 8-11, Kids room | By julia

Purple color in a girl’s bedroom is very popular. If fashion in adult’s world changes sometimes very fast, fashion in the kid’s world can keep for decades. Besides, purple is a contradictory color, as not everybody likes it. But you can find your hue because there are many shades. Practice shows that it is better to combine purple with other colors such as white, grey or beige. For example, here is a girl’s room where two walls were painted purple and the others – grey to balance out bright color. Some things were bought in the second hand store (a chest of drawers with a chair and a padded stool) and modernized according to the bedroom’s design. Design of this bedroom was a good example for us how old things can get a second life.

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