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Adorable DIY Toilet Paper Roll Santa’s Reindeers

Wed, Dec 17, 2014 | DIY Projects | By Irina

It’s weirdly awesome how many cute and cool things you can actually make from a toilet roll, for example, these adorable Santa’s reindeers. They’re easy enough for kids to make on their own, so I bet they’ll enjoy the whole process. The supplies are only a toilet roll, scissors, black permanent marker and paints in white and brown colors. First your kid needs to make 4 dots around the bottom of a toilet roll, marking the 4 opposite sides, and cut a small arch around each of the dots the way it’s shown on the pictures below. The trick is to use the small piece removed to trace the exact shape over the remaining 3 dots. Read what to do next at thecrafttrain.com.

Reference: thecrafttrain

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