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Adorable DIY Electrified Fox Lamp For A Kid’s Room

Thu, Jun 19, 2014 | DIY Projects | By Irina

Have you ever thought of turning stuffed animals into lamps? Me neither! However, it’s a great and really pretty décor idea for your tot’s room. First you need to sew a stuffed animal of your choice. To do that you basically need to make some patterns for the tail, head and other parts of your toy, sew them together and stuff the toy, leaving the bottom open. Then there goes the fun part: you need to cover the whole toy with Stiffy, which turns the fabric into a hard shell. Once Stiffy is completely dry, pull out all the stuffing, using a pencil wrapped in duct tape. Finally, trim the bottom edge off, cut a snip out for the light cord and stuff the LED lights string inside. Voila!

Reference: matsutakeblog

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