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4 Clever Tips And 29 Cool Ideas To Design A Shared Room For A Boy And A Girl

Thu, Mar 5, 2015 | Kids room | By Irina

We don’t always have an opportunity to provide our kids separate rooms. Well, it’s not a reason for blaming yourself, especially when you have such cool options for them to share a room. Probably, making a space welcoming and satisfying for both kids of different sexes seems to be the hardest task. So, how to design a room taking into account completely different children’s interests?

  1. When picking a room’s color, pay attention to neutral shades. Add some colorful patterns, make accents by adding a colorful pillow or a rug, so that the room wouldn’t look boring.
  2. Carefully think over storage options, it not only will make it easier to clean everything up, but also designate each child’s personal stuff.
  3. Choose simple and functional furniture like compact bunk beds. If you want to personalize the interests of each child, ask them to choose the bed linen themselves.
  4. Decorate your interior together with your children so that you could consider each child’s ideas and wishes.

To illustrate that these tips are actually working, we’ve gathered an awesome gallery filled with shared kids’ rooms for boys and girls. Enjoy!

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