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30 Clever And Stylish Ideas To Make A Nursery Grow With Your Child

Tue, Jan 20, 2015 | Kids room | By Irina

Every mom wants her child’s room to be practical, cozy and beautiful at the same time. The desire to make it sugary sweet and babyish usually very strong, however that kind of interior design is rather short-lived. Your tot is growing by leaps and bounds and his or her interests are changing so-so fast! How to avoid redesigning kid’s space repeatedly according to his or her new tastes? There’re are some tricks and tips to remember that will allow your room to grow with a child. First, pick more neutral colors, of which you wouldn’t get bored of in a few years. Choose furniture, which will easily fit into any interior, like a big and comfy chair. Try to be more creative and give some old things a new life, because actually many things can be repurposed. We’ve gathered our favorite examples of rooms that are functional yet stylish, so take a look and get inspired!

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