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20 Origami Decor Ideas For A Kids Room

Tue, Dec 4, 2012 | Kids room | By Irina

Origami is a fantastic kind of art and a really cool décor idea for your kid’s room. It’s a good thing to share with children because making origami develops the vision and ability to transform flat paper into a three-dimensional object. Kids love crafting, so it would be easy to attract them to creating it. There’re many ways to decorate your child’s room with origami, but the most popular is hanging them over the crib. You may choose different colored and textured paper for origami and make different figures from cranes to butterflies. It’s not that hard as you may think, besides there’re lots of DIY tutorials all over the internet. But if you still think that you don’t have dexterity or patience enough for making origami, have a look at the wallpapers or pillows with this print.

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