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20 Loft Beds With Desks To Save Kid’s Room Space

Fri, Sep 21, 2012 | Beds | By julia

Many people have limited spaces in their homes, and as their children get older they have trouble finding enough space to accommodate all the needs of their kids, who need a place to sleep as well as some room to play and study. You can easily solve this problem using a loft bed with a desk where your child will do homework under the bed – on a desk – write, watch, and work on a computer – and all this without losing valuable floor space. The loft beds with desks are ideal for kids approaching adolescence. Sometimes under the bed can be not only a cabinet, but a second bed also, drawers or a whole closet. To approach to the bed your child needs to climb the ladder. In addition the combination of a bed with a desk is also an unusual design and an opportunity to keep many books and other school and home staff.

Reference: pinterest.com

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  1. Holl Gresham Says:

    The bed with the desk on the second story is amazing! The 17th photo. Where can you purchase this bed?!?!

  2. Mary Nguyen Says:

    I absolutely love the first bed. where can i get it?

  3. Megan Says:

    Where can I purchase the first bed? Can you provide a link please… :)

  4. Kelsey brinham Says:

    I absolutely love the first bed and I have been looking for my daughter a bed like that and she only likes the first one! Where can I get it and please can u provide a link, many thanks x

  5. Lauren Says:

    I’m pretty sure the top one is from pottery barn kids. $1800!!!!!!!!

  6. jg Says:

    i LOVE the 17th one…..can u post a link or tell where its from?

  7. Sam Says:

    Can you provide sources of these photos? Would love to know where #9 is from!

  8. Gg Says:

    Where is the 15th bed sold?

  9. nicole Says:

    Where do i get number 10????

  10. Melanie Says:

    I love number #17 and I really want to know where i could get it
    Please help me out

  11. Anoma Says:

    My daughter really loves the 1st bed . where can i buy it from? I live in Dubai. She wants it so desperately !!

  12. Lesa Says:

    Do you know where I might find the 6th bed? (the blue bunks with the side desk).

  13. Sonja Says:

    Where can I get bed on image 9?

  14. Sonja Says:

    Where can I get image 9 bed?

  15. Maria Says:

    I am shopping for a bed for my daughter to grow with and found 3 beds I would like to compare but there is no info on any of these beds..How can I get the info to compare and shop for these beds…specifically bed #1,2,12 and 15.


  16. LUCHIA Says:

    Where can I purchase bed pic number 9 and 14

  17. LUCHIA Says:

    contact details??

  18. Lara Says:

    Hi I really like number 1,would you mind telling me price,contact details and if the bed is king single or single

  19. Abbey Says:

    Hi I really like number 1,would you mind telling me price,contact details and if the bed is king single or single

  20. Miyosha Lewis Says:

    I would like information on #17

  21. Alan Says:

    Can I have links to bed number 17 the one with the bed and desk on the second floor please

  22. Belinda Says:

    Can you please tell me from where I could purchase the fist loft bed pictured here?

  23. Brock Says:

    I am a 14 year old almost 15 and looking for the bed number 17 where could I get it?

  24. Petra Says:

    Hi where can I get 20,10,17,16,14&15 thank u

  25. Diane Bloom Says:

    Where did picture /store did the purple loft furniture set come from? or did you just clip photos for your site? I am interested in making that loft set for my daughter.

  26. Ruberto Says:

    Hi.My daughter like bed number 1 and 11. Can you send me spec and prices for those two. If you have a website that I can purchased them wound be nice. Thankyou

  27. Gloriann Says:

    I love bed #1 and bed #11 can you tell me where I can buy them and how much they cost thank you!

  28. Emily Says:

    Where can you find the first bed?

  29. Wendy Says:

    LOve the 14th one..(purple)…can you provide info as where to purchase please

  30. Diane Bloom Says:


    The 14th bed:
    the Kidsomania site is very frustrating to me. Photos are clipped with no purchasing information just- oh, here is an idea. As a busy, working parent, I am spending my precious little time searching for ideas I can purchased. Not just “Oh, like the idea.”

    Thank you to the individual who posted that the 14th purple bedroom (and several others on this same web page) are by an Italian company Tumidei Spa. http://Www.tumidei.it. I found the company online, after weeks of searching- without help since Kidsomania had no information.

    I have emailed tumidei and gotten no response. You can try this US furniture distributor/salon: ROCHE BOBOIS USA 212 889 5304. Extremely exorbitant prices from what I understand.

  31. Angela Says:

    Where can i see these

  32. Traci Says:

    I’m looking for bed #11 or something very similar. Where can I find #11????

    Thank you.


  33. Eileen Zeanah Says:

    How do you find out where to purchase bed #1?

  34. Kiana Says:

    Where can i find the pricing and seller of Bed number 27

    Please and Thank You

  35. Tyrone Says:

    I am looking at your loft bed number 12 l would like to get a price and where are you so l can look at the bed. Thank you. Tyrone

  36. Olga Says:

    i would like to buy first bed. Please send me info,regards

  37. Jordyn G Says:

    I would like info on #1 please!!

  38. ilene Says:

    I am interested in bed 5, 10 and 18, where can i get prices etc?

  39. Portia Says:

    I like the second pic, where can I get the bed?

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