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20 Amazing Shared Kids Room Ideas For Kids Of Different Ages

Wed, Nov 13, 2013 | All ages, Kids room | By Irina

There’s nothing like the moment when your second child is born, and you realize how giant your former “baby” is. So you just figured out the way to turn the nursery into a big kid’s room and moved him or her out of a crib, and simply have no other place to put the baby but share in the existing child’s room. What a task, huh! How to satisfy both children, show the wonders of planning and customizing the place, make everything look not mismatched but eclectic – these and lots of other questions are probably popping up in your head. Well, you’re not alone, there’re lots of families that had to face this problem and the rooms of those, who solve it with flying colors, you can see below. Get inspired!

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