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18 Inspiring Ideas Of A Marine Boy’s Room Design

Sat, Oct 13, 2012 | Kids room | By julia

Marine theme is very popular as an idea for a boy’s room design. When we think of marine stile, some alternatives appear in our thoughts: the first – ships, a yacht and pirates; the second – cabins; the third – underwater world. Great attention is paid to the furniture in such design. It should be interesting and unusual, and the most popular variant is a boy’s bed in the shape of a ship. You can use a steering wheel and seine for decorating.
If your child wants to live in a captain’s cabin, it will be better to use wooden furniture that will resemble a real cabin. Another idea is to raise some area in the boy’s room above the floor and create a deck. You can hang a compass-clock, lifebuoy or a paddle on the wall or put a rug with the wind rose. If you want to create an underwater world, use wallpapers or bedding with sea inhabitants and you can add cushions in the shape of fish or octopus or make a bedside table like a boat. Seashells and corals suit well for decoration. The boy’s room should be full of adventures as well as the marine world.

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