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15 Cool Window Seats For A Kids Room

Fri, Aug 17, 2012 | Kids room | By julia

If you think that your kids’ room is too small and there is absolutely no space to design a relaxation zone, then you can use the window space which is usually empty equipping this place with a soft seat and many cushions. Children love to have a cozy seating nook or a custom made window seat with cushions in kids’ rooms. They feel that a window seat with cushions is their personal comfort territory, where they can hide from others and relax when they want to. Also your child can use the window seat as an additional seating place when friends come to him or her. You can design the window seat differently: with shelves under the seat or without them, with lockers on either side of the window or simply hanging pretty curtains. I think you won’t regret having applied this original idea to your kids’ room.

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