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15 Cool Applique Ideas From Autumn Leaves

Wed, Sep 11, 2013 | DIY Projects, For ages | By julia

Autumn has come, and this is good time to prepare natural material for kids’ crafts. Fallen tree leaves are one of the most popular autumn craft materials. The fall palette is diverse, and there are leaves of various colors and sizes as if they were specially created for creativity. Also a leaves craft is a very fun and exciting experience,  when ordinary leaves that are lying around your feet, suddenly turn into elephants, giraffes, penguins or other animals. Here are some examples of what you and your child can do with the simplest leaves. We  hope that craft ideas from fall leaves we have prepared will certainly help your child to create interesting images of animals. Have fun!

Reference: pustunchik

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  1. nora allen Says:

    Do u treat the autumn leaves to preserve them

  2. Debbie Beasley Says:


  3. Berit Says:

    Sjove ideer.

  4. Cindi Says:

    Use mode podge. Buy it at Michaels.

  5. Wendy Says:

    Hello, I was going to share these wonderful automne leaves ideas, when I saw the toddlers holding formula bottles. Sorry, I just cannot share. Please consider changing your diagram!! We are trying to promote human nursing for babies, not formula feeding.

  6. cathryn Says:

    I agree, your page header should lose the baby formula bottles, not a good message. The kids don’t need to be holding anything, or they could be playing.
    Love the leaf collages!

  7. Lynn Says:

    @Wendy…… aren’t you holier than thou, arrogant, and presumptuous on top if it?!? Shame on you for your attitude. No wonder so many moms don’t like to even listen to what people with your attitude have to say. It’s kinda like trying to persuade someone to keep a baby instead of having an abortion by yelling and calling them names like ‘baby killer’ instead of showing love and compassion and trying to find out why the girl/woman feels so desperate that they believe they need to resort to abortion and then figure out how to help them.

    I bet you hands down, that I worked harder than you to keep my BOTTLE FED infant supplied with more than enough BREAST MILK than you’ve ever thought possible. Just because MY child drank from a BOTTLE does not mean that he did NOT have BREAST MILK, which was even more difficult for me, because I had to take the time to pump and store. AND I DO NOT ridicule mothers who choose to formula feed either. That is their choice. I always express my preference and the benefits of breast milk, however, it’s certainly no where near child abuse to choose formula if a person needs to.

  8. Lynn Says:

    BTW: The crafts shown are adorable and I will definitely be sharing your site and ideas with all of my friends. I can’t wait for the leaves to be ready this next week, it will make our walks with our 3yr old so much fun! And he’ll have a blast making these! Thanks for the ideas! ~Lynn

  9. Melissa Says:

    I normally do not reply but I must on this one. Please take your stuck up attitude down several notches. I breastfed and formula fed all 3 of my babies and there is NOTHING wrong with that. And to automatically assume that the bottles contain formula is just stupid. Moms who exclusively pump, bottle feed their babies. Just because there is a picture of a bottle does not require bashing the poster. A GREAT craft idea was posted to give an idea to teachers and moms! And let’s not forget the moms who WANTED to breastfeed and couldn’t for MANY reasons. We as mothers and women should be supporting each other because being a mother is hard enough without someone looking down on someone because her parenting method is different. I look forward to using this idea to spend time with my HEALTHY GROWING kids who were formula fed and breastfed from a BOTTLE.

  10. lydia Says:

    First off, i Love all of these ideas and love the banner at the top! My child was bottle fed using breast milk thank you very much! Not everyone can be perfect and breast feed like you! Please take that into consideration before knocking someone about a clip art photo!
    Also, this isn’t a site based on breast feeding so I have no idea why the heck you would feel the need to even bring it up!

  11. Cynthia Says:

    @Wendy @Cathryn I so totally agree with the other moms! Wendy, you must be one of those militant breast feeding mothers that are more concerned with the power of the breast than the need of the child. And how could anyone overlook such an excellent idea over clip art? Your children are the losers here.

  12. Tamar Says:

    Well said Lynn!!!

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